Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Advantages of Jquery

Since past 6months, I am using jquery and its plug-ins, posting this.

* its light weight when compared to other javascript frameworks
* it has a wide range of plugins available for various specific needs
* it is easier for a designer to learn javascript as it uses familiar CSS syntax. jQuery is Javascript for Designers
* Large development community and many plugins.
* It's on Microsoft's radar and they are adding some plugin support and debug capabilities.
* Very good documentation for a 3rd party library.
* Chaining capabilities are very powerful.
* The online documentation is fantastic.
* Performance seems to be very good as well.
* The entire library fits into a relatively small package given it's capabilities.
* The plugin architecture is also very nice for extensibility. 1.
* It's very small, especially when minified, and offers a lot in the core library.
* It's also easy to extend, and has an active community.
* Finally, it's extremely easy to learn; once you've grasped the core concepts you can start coding complex solutions right away.

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